Old Everest Base Camp vs New Everest Base camp

Do you know that there are two base camps on Mt. Everest? Old and New Everest Base Camps are two different base camps of Mt. Everest on the Southern side. The famous trekking to Everest reaches up to the new base camp as the final destination. However,  there used to be the older base camp at the foothill of Nuptse glacier. Lots of people who came to Nepal earlier know about this. However, current trekkers don’t know about this. People inquire a lot about these base camps. Therefore, I am writing this blog for my readers. Let’s know facts about Old vs New Everest Base Camp.

The regular trekking to Everest base camp returns back from the nearby foothill of Lho La. However, the old one is complex. In order to find out a more stable base camp, people started using the new one. It is easily accessible for many. Therefore, it became famous among trekkers as well as climbers.

Old Everest Base Camp Information

If you want to reach the old Everest Base Camp, you need special guidance. The climbing rope, guide, and equipment are needed for the trip. Moreover, you require special training as well. People often get caught in altitude sickness more on this route. In fact, the site is at the foothill of Mt. Nuptse. Therefore, it provides the feeling of mini mountaineering as well.

During the classical Everest Expeditions, the base camp was the major focal point. Additionally, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay also used the same camp during their expedition. No wonder, some enthusiastic trekkers inquire about this place. However, lots of people are anonymous about the place.

The scenery of the mountains is much nicer from this site in comparison to the new one. The excessive amount of risk factors led people to shift the base camp to the current place.

New Everest Base Camp

At an altitude of 5364 m from sea level, the base camp is the most famous one. This northern base camp offers shelter to thousands of climbers every year. However, trekkers don’t spend overnight in the place. Instead of the base camp, trekkers return back to Gorakshep for the overnight rest. During peak climbing season, one can get the chance to see a plethora of climbing tents. In fact, this place looks buzzing during the season.

Lots of records are made using the new base camp. Modern mountaineering has a special place in this place. However, global warming has tolled it too. Nowadays, you will not find enough snow on this camp as well. Therefore, people are talking about shifting the base camp as well.

Is there a talk of shifting base camp from the current place also?

Yes, there are talks going on about shifting the base camp from the current place also. However, there is much criticism of this decision. People don’t want to change the base camp to a new place again. Climbers are raising their concerns regarding the location of the camp. However, trekking agencies are against this movement. Lots of people come to Nepal to leave their footprints on the foothill of Mt. Everest. If it is shifted to the Gorakshep area then the charm of Everest Base Camp Trek diminishes. As a traveler and trekking organizer myself, I am against it.

The joy of reaching the base camp after walking for days is completely splendid. Imagine yourself in this situation. You are at this point encountering harsh weather and thin air. Trekkers at least want to be closer to Everest. However, if the base camp remains in the Gorakshep area then it would not seem to be fulfilling trekking.

Can Trekking to Everest arrange a trip to Old base camp?

Why not? Trekking to Everest is the agency of trekking and climbing experts. Moreover, crew members of the agency have more than 1.5 decades of experience in the field of Nepalese Tourism. All you need is a day extra in your regular EBC Trek. Once you reach Nepal, the crew members will start the preparation. They will conduct special training for all the trekkers. It helps in getting lots of vibes for the trip. For the regular trip, you don’t need extra training. Just book with us. However, this particular trip requires extra attention. In fact, the attention to detail.

Contact the travel planners of Trekking to Everest (Himalaya View Treks & Expeditions). These people will guide you expertly.

Is it worth traveling to the old base camp?

Of course, it is worth traveling. Just imagine yourself following the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. Additionally, you don’t have to pay much extra for the trip as well. Come and witness the majestic wonders of the Everest region of Nepal. Trek differently! Reach to the place where very few people have reached.

Does Everest have another base camp as well besides these two old and new ones?

Mt. Everest has two sides – the northern and southern sides. The southern base camp is on the Nepal side. However, the northern base camp is on the Tibetan side. The elevation of the northern base camp is 5200 m from sea level. Interestingly, you can reach it via an overland road trip to the northern base camp. Travelers have to fly to Lhasa and go on a road trip to the base camp of Mt. Everest on the Chinese side. The attractions of this route are the inclusion of cities in China as well as the visit of Mansarovar Lake in the courtyard of Mt. Kailash.

I hope that by now you are well familiar with the two base camps. My blog “Old vs New Everest Base Camp” can help you decide whether to do regular or off-the-beaten trekking to Everest. The choice is yours. For any kind of suggestions and pre-trip planning, you can write to us. Our team is very happy to provide information as well as services to our clients.

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