Nepal Local Tradition

Nepal Local Tradition: Respect traditions, customs, values, and sentiments to help them protect culture and maintain pride.

A: Respect privacy when taking photographs
B: Respect holy places
C: Refrain from giving money to children as it encourages begging
D: Respect for the local etiquette earns you respect
E: Let the Himalayas change you – Do not change them
F: Protect the natural environment
G: Leave the campsite cleaner than you found it
H: Limit deforestation – make no open fires
I: Burn dry paper and packets in a safe place
J: Keep local water clean and avoid using pollutants
K: Plants should be left to flourish in their natural environment

A chance to witness multiethnicity: Nepal Local Tradition

Do the namaste and follow the guidelines. Nepalese people are highly courteous. In every hour of walking trekkers will find the people smiling at them.  Contact us and get  find more about Nepal Local Tradition

Relish the chance to experience different traditions of the Nepalese people. There are more than 136 castes in Nepal. Therefore, these people have their own culture.

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