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If you are looking for a hostel in Nepal at Thamel, Kathmandu, contact Himalaya View Treks & Expeditions. We are always ready to support our clients on a hassle-free trip to Nepal. Moreover, if you are looking for a guide and porter hire or any kind of trekking, peak climbing, tours, or expeditions; contact us.

Thamel is the nerve center of Kathmandu for touristic activities. The place is famous for its eateries, shops, and bars. Moreover, the place is buzzing with lots of foreigners and Nepalese people rejoicing. It is the main place where you can start or plan your holiday in Nepal. It is the contact place between lots of travel operators and guests. Himalaya View Treks would like to share information about the Hostel in Nepal with our valued clients.

There are lots of hotels and guest houses inside Thamel. Apart from these means of accommodation, the hostel is also getting a lot of popularity. Renting a hostel in Nepal might be a problem for you. In Thamel, many types of hostels may charge more. They might not have enough services or standards as per the standard.

Can I book the hostel in Nepal with HVT?

Yes, you can book the hostel in Nepal with HVT. The office of Himalaya View Treks is located at the Kaldhara, Paknajole Thamel. More than 20 hostels are available near the office. Therefore, we have immense contact with these hostels. Lots of our clients who go on trekking have used our services to book a hostel.

HVT will not charge extra for booking a hostel for you. As part of providing services to our guests, we offer these free services. You don’t need to surf the internet to find out best hostel in Nepal. The agency assures quality hostels at the best price. Contact +9779841146306 (Whatsapp) Simbir Ghale.

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