Nepal Adventurous Sports
Nepal Adventurous Sports of Nepal

Along with trekking, expedition and tour, Nepal is also famous for numerous adventurous sports.

Participate in different adventurous sports with pleasing natural beauty is a rare opportunity that anyone can get in their life. Trek to Everest view offers different adventurous sports in Nepal such as Bungee jumping, Paragliding, Mountain flight, Avia flight, Zip flying, Mountain biking, and white water rafting. In Nepal all these adventurous sports has been operating in totally natural setting. Zip flying, Paragliding and Avia flight are operating in the Pokhara valley which is considered nature oasis because of its striking natural beauty. For mountain biking you can go all over the Nepal: mountain hills and Tarai. Similarly for white River rafting there are several Rivers best for short and long rafting trips. And Nepal only one bungee jumping site has been operating over the world’s second deepest Bhotekoshi gorge.

Those who want to pure thrilling experiences in Nepal can participate in Bungee jumping, rafting and zip flying. Those who want to romantic natural experiences in Nepal can participate in adventurous sports like Paragliding, Avia flight and Mountain flight. And those who want to natural and diverse cultural experiences in Nepal, Mountain biking is best for them. Adventurous sports such as Mountain flight, Avia flight, Bungee jumping, rafting, zip flying and Paragliding can be done before or after long trekking, expedition and tour. Mountain biking and trekking can be combined at the same time. For our clients’ facilities Himalaya View Treks manages suitable arrangement to participate in these sports.

Nepal Adventurous Sports
Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking - 1 days

Nepal is rich in terms of Mountains, Rivers, culture, flora and Fauna, diverse ethnic people, their diverse culture, diverse religions and sacred religious sites. Mountain biking is the best means to explore all these aspects of Nepal. View Detail

Paragliding - 1 days

Paragliding is one of the most adventurous and exciting sports available in Nepal. Paragliding is a relatively new adventure sport in Nepal. Paragliding in this Himalayan country can be a truly wonderful and fulfilling experience for the adventure seekers View Detail
Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping - 2 days

Bungee jumping is another adventurous sport available in Nepal. The ultimate thrill of a bungee jump can be experienced in Nepal above the Bhotekoshi gorge which is the world's second deepest gorge. View Detail
White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting - 3 days

Rafting in Nepal is one of the popular adventurous tourism activities. Nepal is second largest country for water resources and we have several Rivers among them more than ten Rivers are very popular for Adventurous River rafting in Nepal. White water rafting is a popular adventurous sport in Nepal. View Detail
Mountain Flight

Mountain Flight - 1 days

Mountain flight is a much easier way to see the Nepali Himalayan peaks. It is the best way to see all the beautiful mountains of Nepal through the bare eyes. If you want to see the beautiful towering snowy peaks of Nepal but unable to go mountainous sites of Nepal due to physical unfitness and lack of holidays then you can go mountain flight which will definitely quench your desire. View Detail
Everest Chopper Tour

Everest Chopper Tour

The naturally beautiful country of Nepal attracts visitors from all over the world. It is not uncommon for visitors to explore the beauty of Nepal in different ways, such as trekking, mountain climbing, and wandering around the beautiful cities and places. The visitors have enough time to explore the beauty of Nepal. View Detail
Avia Flight In Nepal

Avia Flight In Nepal - 1 days

Avia flight is another adventerous sports avilable in Nepal which was started in pokhara in 1997 AD. Avia flight provides the oppurtinity to explore the sourrounding beauty of Pokhara valley by flying like birds in the sky. View Detail
Honeymoon Trip In Nepal

Honeymoon Trip In Nepal - 8 days

Naturally and culturally decorated country Nepal is one of the best destinations for honeymoon trip. Honeymoon is the starting point of the conjugal life so it plays the vital role in your whole married life. To make honeymoon trip sweet and lifetime mesmerizing to choose best spot is important. Nepal has lots of places for honeymoon trip. View Detail
Zip Flying In Nepal

Zip Flying In Nepal

Zip Flying in Nepal In naturally gifted country Nepal you can collect mesmerizing experiences by participating in different adventerous sports such as Paragliding, Bungee jumping, Rafting, Mountain flight, Avia Flight and Zip flying. Among these adventerous sports Zip flying is recently introduce innaturally beautiful city pokhara. View Detail

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